Thoughts for Today…

It’s not very often I feel compelled to blog about my personal feelings, however, today I do.

Earlier this year I visited New York and more specifically, Ground Zero. I found it to be the eeriest building site I’ve ever seen! The most through-provoking part of my trip was the Tribute WTC museum on Liberty Street. I found it to be a very ‘personal’ place and it helped me to see and understand a bit more about what affect the events of 2001 had on the people involved.

The events of September 11th, 2001 were born out of intolerance and a lack of understanding between cultures. So, why is it 9 years on, some people still can’t learn some tolerance and understanding.

I freely admit that I’m not religious but I do know a few things about symbols, associations and connotations. Surely planning to build an Islamic building 2 blocks away from Ground Zero is more than a little provocative? And if it’s true they plan to open it on September 11th 2011, well, that’s just even more fuel for that little fire in Florida!

I had thought of a lot more to write today but I don’t think I need to.

Be tolerant, be understanding.