Transfer Complete

Finally my website transfer is complete! Everything was smooth for the most part, except it took a while for the old host to acknowledge my request, apart from that, piece of cake.

While I was waiting I decided to make a few changes… Again… (I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s never satisfied with their own website… Am I!?) I didn’t like the plug-in I used for the portfolio side. I couldn’t get it to template how I wanted so decided to change tactic with that. As I couldn’t find another plug-in that was any good, I decided to just use the blog, make some more categories and customise the theme. Simples!

I have also provided links to some custom RSS Feeds. This means readers can subscribe to the blog without work entries getting in the way, subscribe to my portfolio without blog posts getting in the way or subscribe to everything. Those links can be found on the right of most pages on this site.

There’s also some more recent work up, with even more yet to come.

I promise the next posting will be a bit less self-centred…