The Redesign of Tony Pioli’s World of Photography

This is a project which was long overdue, the last iteration being 2005!

After a few discussions with Tony we decided two major things had to happen:

  1. The volume of photographs on the gallery should be greatly reduced as well as irrelevant written content,
  2. A method of communication should be introduced to reduce the volume of telephone-based enquiries (and length of those calls) received during the early evening.

It was also decided that the design should be slightly refreshed, though not drastically, yet it was an opportunity to add some neat little features to enhance the experience. Some of these can be seen by everyone, others only available to users of the latest browsers such as Safari and Firefox.

The Gallery

We decided to reduce the number of sections from around 12 down to just 4, with a much more critical selection of imagery shown. This allows the visitor to quickly browse through some of Tony’s best photography.

While resizing the images it quickly became apparent that JPEG compression had been vastly improved over the last 5 years. The images were only reduced by a few actual pixels yet their file-size footprint HALVED! For example, the images used in the Landscape section weighed in at a heavy 1.2Mb, and that’s without the thumbnail versions. After going through processing for the new site, the total size was 516kb, including thumbnails. The main advantage is the images will load quicker for visitors yet won’t look appreciably worse.

Another ‘major’ change to the gallery is the use of Slimbox, a neat and lightweight jQuery plug-in which presents the full-screen images beautifully without taking ages to load up. There were a few more little touches but you’ll have to take a look to find out about them!

Lectures and the Booking Form

The main focus of Tony’s business for the past few years has been a series of talks and lectures. These are extremely popular yet the other less publicised services on offer never took off. The decision was taken to scrap the rest of the content and add more comprehensive information about the lectures available. With this information available on the website, less time will be taken up on the telephone explaining them.

A form specifically designed around taking bookings for lectures has been added, providing an alternative means for potential customers to book Tony for a lecture, again, reducing the time spent on the telephone. We will be monitoring the use of this form to gauge its success.

Tony’s new site is now up at