Reading Round-Up – 23/10/10

As part of my on-going personal development I read a lot. I read blogs, magazines and books. I’ve realised a lot of what I read is probably of interest to my (potential) clients so I’ve decided to post up a few of the things I’ve been reading recently.
I’ve also got an RSS feed for my Instapaper account which means I find the best content for you.

Blogs and Articles

Business Inspiration

A couple of articles that may make you think about yourself and your business.

Web Marketing and Social Media

Some general tips on making sure your website, blog and other web marketing is performing well and using Social Media to retain customers.

Mobile Web Design

Just the one for this topic, but a very important post. If you want your website to work well for a mobile audience, it’s important to consider why someone would go to your site from a mobile device rather than a “desktop” and set it up accordingly.

Online Perception

I’ve put this one separate as well because today’s successful web-based companies have this nailed. Be honest about yourself! These days it’s a good thing to be fun, be approachable and have a more “personable” personality. The stodgy corporate façade doesn’t wash any more so most of all, make sure your style is consistent throughout your website.


With all the great content available online now, it’s easy to dismiss books as a useful medium for gaining knowledge. However, I find there is still some great printed content out there to help me progress. Though I say “printed”, I actually get many of my books as ebooks now but I’ll talk about reading on the iPad on another post. for now, this is what I’ve been reading recently.

New RSS Feed and Regular Feature?

I use Instapaper to ‘bookmark’ things that I find but don’t have time to read. I have also used it to create an RSS Feed of articles I think my clients and visitors would find interesting. I may still make more of these posts on here.

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