Make like a sponge…

And absorb.

I learnt many things during my degree, most of them were about how to come up with the solutions, typography, contrast, balance etc. The usual things you might expect from such a course.

One of the most important (perhaps even the most important) lessons I was taught was to “become a sponge” both during my time there and for the rest of my career. In other words, never stop learning. Never stop absorbing information, knowledge and understanding of my craft. I was told I should take in everything I see and hear, particularly in the studio and during the research phase of any project. Wise advise, yes?

Just recently I was thinking about this little nouget and its associated metaphor and I’m not sure it completely fits.To be completely pedantic, a simple and fundamental problem is that a sponge must be squeezed to force all of its contents out again. Yeah, it might drip a little bit for a while but you should expect your creative director to start squeezing you to get the best out of you.