Don’t Hire Matt Hearnshaw

Matt Hearnshaw's "Portfolio"

Matt Hearnshaw's "Portfolio"

I think I’m going about this business all wrong. I’m all for looking at other’s work for inspiration, borrowing elements or parts of ideas to form my own to create a new piece of work. This is where I must be going wrong, why not take an ENTIRE idea, and stick your own name on it? Better yet, take the ideas from two of the most high-profile designers in the country and stick them in my own portfolio. That’s sure get my name out there, and fast!

In fact, a chap by the name of Matt Hearnshaw has already been featured by David Airey, Existing Visual and Renaissance Design. Unfortunately, for some reason, his own site is currently down (wonder if John Hicks had the same issue when he was using that design…?).

One thing that strikes me is if he’s borrowed so many ideas, who’s to say he hasn’t borrowed someone’s name too?

It is hard out there, we all know that but don’t make it harder for yourself by ripping off someone else’s work. As I type this, I’m sure, there’s going to be hundreds and hundreds of tweets, blog posts and comments all publicising Mr Hearnshaw’s name. Pretty soon, he’ll be so famous and well-known, he’ll never be able to get a job or contract in the industry.