iPad: A Designer’s Business Tool

I’ve just acquired a shiny new iPad. My first impressions are good but I will report more once I’ve used it for a couple of weeks.
I would never buy such an expensive item on a whim, in fact I had planned to wait until next year when inevitably a new and improved iteration of the device would be released. However, after seeing one and using it for a short time, I decided it probably wasn’t worth waiting! So why did I buy one?

The Plan

  • To show prospective clients my previous work

    A live demonstration can be incredibly powerful.

  • To show a client their project in progress

    Turning up to a meeting with wireframes and mock-ups that can be edited there and then will make those meetings more productive. Being able to action changes or additions during the meeting saves time through repeat meetings and helps get the client more directly involved with the project.

  • Testing

    By owning another web-enabled device means I can test more thoroughly on what is still a relatively young consumer interface (I.e. Multi-touch screen).

  • It’s not all work

    The device also has many other features and apps available such as video, music, photos, magazines, web browsing etc which means I can also use it to relax or during social interactions.

I’ve made this investment for what I think are the right reasons. I’ve heard very little negativity towards the device in a business situation. The only one that comes to mind is Paul Boag’s post on iWork, which to be fair relates to just one set of applications.
I will report back once the ‘honeymoon phase’ is over and I’ve had the chance to use it more extensively for my intended purposes.